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Making a worthy investment is something that every single gentleman should know how to do. Yes, departing with a hefty chunk of money can be daunting at the best of times, but the key is to ensure that you’re spending your money on the right thing, and bespoke is very often the name of the game here. The key, gentlemen, is to spend just the right amount. Too much, and you will develop post-spending guilt. Not enough and you start to question whether or not you’ve invested in something with legitimate longevity.
If you do one thing in 2016, invest in your style. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again; having a good wardrobe should be just as important to you as owning an incredible watch or car. A gentleman needs to take pride in all aspects of his life,

and that very much includes his wardrobe. Supposedly, the more expensive the item the better the quality. Sadly, this isn’t always true and a lot of brands target the gentlemen with more money than sense with their insanely overpriced clothes. Don’t fall short this year by spending your hard-earned cash on something that you can’t afford. This is the year of smart investments, of doing your research and of spending a lot and buying once, rather than spending little and buying often.

Shoes are an item that every single gentleman needs to invest in, but are something that are worryingly overlooked by the majority. If you live in a climate similar to the one that we’re subjected to in the UK, you need shoes that are well-crafted above all else. Style,
obviously, is imperative – but that goes without saying. Crockett & Jones are a firm favourite of ours, for more reasons that we can justly explain in this short piece, but think of them as the Aston Martin of shoes; beautifully designed, immaculately made and an item that will last you a lifetime. James Fox, marketing manager at the world-famous British brand, says:
“Crockett & Jones shoes are an investment. They are not only made using a technique that has been perfected over the past 137 years of craft – a process known as Goodyear welting – but they are also constructed by using only the finest material available for high quality men’s shoes. When buying Crockett & Jones shoes you are buying family heritage, family expertise and a very nice pair of shoes.”

If you’re subjected to wearing a suit every single day of the working week, it pays to invest in one that’s going to last you years and one that’s actually going to look good, too. Gone are the days where you head to Oxford Street and buy the cheapest suit on the rack. You’re a gentleman now, and it’s time to start dressing like one. Gieves & Hawkes is a brand enriched with history and their suits are representative of everything that a gentleman should aspire to be. Gieves & Hawkes is one of the few places we’d entrust with making us a bespoke suit. There’s a reason why they sit on Number 1 Savile Row. William Matthews, head of marketing for the brand says:
“Gieves & Hawkes started as two separate houses back in the 18thCentury as military tailors – Gieves for the Royal Navy, Hawkes for the British Army. The firms have held a Royal warrant from every sovereign of the United Kingdom since George III, meaning every monarch has patronised the firm since around the end of the 1700s.
Bespoke is the ultimate expression of men’s style; garments are made completely from scratch to your specifications, by hand, at No.1 Savile Row – probably the most famous address in menswear globally. Stylistically, Gieves & Hawkes is rooted in the Savile Row traditions of cut and fit – a roped shoulder, high armhole and defined waist all contribute to this look which is military in origin. This aesthetic code has come to define the English Cut which is recognisable worldwide – the Japanese word for suit is ‘Sabiro’ – the root of which is ‘Savile Row’.
Making the step to Bespoke from ready-to-wear might seem daunting, but you will be guided through the seemingly endless variety and choice by an experienced Cutter who will help you define what it is you are after. A good first step is to try Private Tailoring, our made-to-measure service whereby the details and fit of a suit or overcoat is customised to your needs from a pre-existing pattern (with Bespoke, the Cutter makes a pattern just for you). Another good tip is to start out with something reasonably classic – a navy blue or grey two-piece suit for example – and see how the process works before getting into your stride and going for something more boundary-pushing. More than anything, the process should be a pleasure from start to finish.”

“Why invest in bespoke shirts? It’s quite simple. A bespoke shirt, paired with bespoke tailoring, makes you want to stand tall, helps you to exude an air of calm, yet confident authority and helps you stand out from the crowd, in an understated way,” says Robert Whittaker, master shirtmaker at Dege & Skinner.
The shirt is a piece that every gentleman reading this, no matter where he works or where he’s from, will have in his wardrobe. Whether the shirts in your particular wardrobe are reserved for special occasions such as a first date, or you have to wear them
everyday, you need to invest in something that’s going to last. Dege & Skinner, the world-famous tailor at 10 Savile Row make some of the best bespoke shirts in London – and that’s saying something. Not only that, but they also offer the service right on their premises – every stage of the process happens right there, in store, overseen by Whittaker.
“Cutting shirts for over 45 years, you develop a good understanding of what’s going to look the most flattering on which individual. But the customer is what’s important, so in the words of our latest shirt customer as he received his first Dege & Skinner bespoke shirt, and I quote: ‘That is the most wonderful shirt I have ever seen, let alone worn… and it’s easy to press!’ Think about a room full of men wearing black tie formal attire. There are dress shirts and then there are extraordinary dress shirts that draw the eye of the discerning folks in the room. That’s the one that is most likely to be a bespoke dress shirt made by a skilled shirt-maker.”