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You may not believe it but a tie can reveal a lot about you. For instance, it can say whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, a business professional, or what kind of personality you want to be.

Our Style Gurus have covered the basics of the physiological impact of color. Let’s see how exactly tie colors are perceived by most people.

Red Ties

Red tie -

You’ve probably seen that many politicians and business leaders often wear red ties as a symbol of power – they want to be se

en like an authoritative, powerful and determined leader.

So if you want to be seen as a warm, honest individual, avoid wearing a red tie during your job presentation.

Also, darker reds, such as a burgundy, help build trust. On the other hand, lighter red or pink ties can be associated with creativity. Generally, red ties can also seem threatening or dangerous. People wear red-colored ties to be noticed and appear authoritative.

Blue Ties

Blue ties -

If you want to build establish trust and credibility, wear blue ties. This is a calming color and shows trustworthy and confidence.

When you go to a business meeting or an entrepreneurship event wear a blue tie, as the blue color reminds people of the blue sky and ocean, which has a calming effect and mostly helps to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Also, wearing a blue tie is an easy way to connect to the general public – the BBC even dubbed the blue color as the safest color to wear.

Purple Ties

Purple tie -

Traditionally, people wear purple to appear calm and in control. Also, purple is a sign of royalty and wealth and often communicates confidence and luxury.

If you want to send a message of peace, spirituality, and regality, the purple is your color. Wearing this unusual color can help you to feel comfortability in your own skin.

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Black or Gray Ties

Black tie -

Generally, a black tie is a better choice for most presentations. This type of ties will come across as modern, stylish, and thoughtful. Waer black-colored ties to a cocktail party.

Although you may think that this is only for funerals, people wear this color to show off their wisdom and efficiency, as well as being serious, stylish and dignified.

Green Ties

Green tie -

Love challenges? Go for green! Green ties can make people believe you are dependable.

However, choosing a green tie is not an easy thing. For instance, with a bright green one, it’s often quite difficult to find matching suits and shirts. The most suiting ones are neutral-colored shirts.

Overall, green ties symbolize confidence, reassurance, and restfulness.


Yellow tie -

Yellow is the symbol of the sun. It can build closer relationships with your colleagues.

For some people, yellow-colored ties is also a sign of optimism, a positive outlook on life and some kind of happiness. Wearing a yellow tie means that you want to convey cheeriness, optimism, and also make some new friends.


Brown tie -

Stability and dependability – this is what the brown tie means. It’s a friendly color, which is recommended for teachers, salespeople or other service providers.

However, if you’re ambitious and want a promotion quickly, never use this color.



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